ETIAS Visa Waiver for Costa Ricans

Europe Visa Waiver for Costa Rican Citizens

Costa Ricans who wish to travel to the European Union will be required to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver as of 2021. Whether the trip is for leisure or business, all Costa Rican citizens will need to enroll in this program. The European Travel Information and Authorisation System, (ETIAS) has been approved by all the EU member nations. This measure aims to curb illegal immigration and improve safety. Costa Rican nationals traveling to Europe will need a visa waiver.


People with a Costa Rican nationality will need to comply to specific requisites to get the ETIAS visa waiver. Among these, Costa Rican citizens must have a valid passport, a current email address and a legitimate credit or debit card. If these documents are not presented accordingly, potential travellers to the EU region will not be able to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver.

When an ETIAS visa waiver is approved, an ETIAS visa waiver for Costa Rica grants its citizens the travel authorization necessary to travel to the European Schengen Zone. The ETIAS visa waiver for Costa Ricans has been established to facilitate travel and improve international security.

The ETIAS enrollment requires that Costa Rican citizens pay a fee with their valid credit or debit card. Once the application is approved, the ETIAS travel authorization is sent to the email the applicant provided.


Costa Rican citizens who need an ETIAS online visa waiver are expected to apply online. The ETIAS registration process is a straightforward online form that requires applicants to complete basic biographic information and details about their travel plans.

In a similar way to the U.S: ESTA program, ETIAS is designed to carry out screenings before people board their flights to Europe. These controls are meant to increase safety for travellers and locals. In most cases, after the applicant has completed the online registration process and paid for the fee, the approved ETIAS is sent to the email provided.


Costa Rican Citizens are exempt from applying for a Schengen visa. However, once the ETIAS program is implemented in 2021, all Costa Rican nationals are expected to enroll with an ETIAS visa waiver in order to travel in the Schengen zone.

It’s important to note that there are travel restrictions applied to all individuals when traveling from Costa Rica to Europe. Some of these restrictions include taking firearms or exporting explosive materials.

At the present time, only Costa Rican citizens over 18 are required to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver to travel to the Schengen zone. Minors can travel to Europe with their valid passport and we are required to apply for a new travel visa waiver for Europe too: ETIAS

As of 2021 all Costa Rican nationals traveling to Europe for a short-term stay must have a valid ETIAS visa waiver.


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