ETIAS for Portugal

Europe Visa Waiver for Portugal

The Portuguese Republic is an iberian sovereign state bordering Spain to the east and the north with a continental Atlantic coastline of 943 kilometres to the west and southern regions.

Portugal also comprises several island nations as part of the Republic including the autonomous paradisiacal Madeira and Azores archipelagos.

Portugal is one of the oldest nations within Europe with a long and complex history of invasions and later a large and rich empire which helped create the intricate, contemporary Portugal that we know today.

Portugal as part of the EU

The European Union is made up of several of the European continent’s countries, some of which abide by Schengen Law such as Portugal, while others are governed by separate rules.

The Schengen Agreement, of which Portugal is a member, allows free movement of people without the need for a visa. This means that a Europe travel authorization for Portugal is only necessary for those citizens from countries outside of the Schengen zone.

These countries fall into two categories: ETIAS eligible countries or countries who require a Schengen visa as opposed to an ETIAS for Portugal and also valid for all Schengen territories.

The Portuguese Republic has been a member of the European Union (EU) since 1986 when it was known as the EEC (European Economic Community) and has progressed together with the other 27 member states to this day including adapting and developing initiatives such as the ETIAS for Europe which will be a travel requirement from 2021.

Visiting Portugal

Millions of international and domestic tourists visit different parts of Portugal each year to experience what this diverse and beautiful country has to offer.

With a Europe travel permit for Portugal backpackers, families, tour groups, couples, individuals and more discover the magic of the most popular portuguese tourist destinations every year.

Tourist Attractions in Portugal

From Oporto and the other northern regions, down through the central capital city of Lisbon and on to the southern Algarve beaches, it’s no surprise that Portugal brings in around 13 million foreign tourists each year, surpassing the entire country’s population of approximately 11 million people!

Portugal attracts people from all walks of life thanks to the huge range of tourist attractions available throughout the country including traditional beach vacations, city breaks, winemaking holidays and also more niche travel such as health, nature and rural tourism.

The main tourist hotspots in Portugal include the capital city of Lisbon and the next largest city O Porto as well as the beach resorts in the Algarve, Madeira and the Azores islands. Although there are other regions growing in popularity such as the Douro Valley and the Alentejo island.

Taking advantage of the rich history of Portugal as a port to the New World visitors can learn about the many explorers who left Portuguese coasts in search of trade routes and new lands centuries ago or experience truly breathtaking scenery traveling through the country to visit other cities of great appeal such as Coimbra and Sintra.

With great cuisine, especially renowned for exquisite seafood, stunning palaces, historic cathedrals and other momentous landmarks, a great arab influence in architecture, language and more, with traditional artisans and modern resorts, there is something for everyone in Portugal. But remember to first get the Portugal ETIAS before traveling to avoid any unwanted problems on your journey.

ETIAS and Entry Requirements for Portugal

To obtain a European visa waiver for Portugal there are certain requirements and each applicant must complete an online ETIAS registration before being eligible to travel to Portugal.

From 2021 it is likely that you will need to apply for an ETIAS to enter Portugal. The ETIAS is a Visa Waiver Scheme allowing eligible citizens to travel to and within this great country for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period.

The traveler must complete an online ETIAS application form including personal information and details from their travel document as well as answering some basic security questions regarding health and travel safety.

The Portuguese ETIAS form will be screened before sending the approved ETIAS visa waiver to the applicant’s email address.


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