What does the future hold for British tourists visiting Europe?

As Europe and Britain sit down to discuss the many new policies that will need to be put into practice post-Brexit, one of the proposals causing a great stir is the ETIAS visa - the “travel tax” as it has come to be known - that will be implemented in the year 2021.ETIAS, the European Trave... READ MORE

How will the ETIAS system work?

When will etias be implemented?On July 5th, the European Parliament has given its final agreement to implement the European Travel Information and Authorisation System, ETIAS. European authorities have decided to establish the electronic visa waiver system in the year 2021 to improve security... READ MORE

Is the EES for Europe the same as ETIAS?

As part of the Smart Borders Package introduced by the EU in 2016, the Entry-Exit System (EES) is an initiative which proposes to improve general security measures for the external Schengen Area borders. In recent years the European Council and the European Parliament have been aiming to... READ MORE

How will ETIAS improve the security of EU citizens?

Ensuring Europe’s security has become a top priority. With the increase of migrants, tourism and terrorist attacks in the last couple of years, it has become more evident that there has to be another layer added to the screening process for all those crossing Europe’s borders. EU citizens will r... READ MORE

Who needs an ETIAS Visa?

ETIAS (European travel Information and Authorization System) has been created by the European Union to protect and strengthen its borders.It will be implemented in 2021 and will require those traveling to the Schengen Area to obtain an ETIAS Visa before their trip.The ETIAS EU Visa... READ MORE