What is the eu-LISA?

The eu-LISA is the European Union Agency which manages the operations of its large-scale information systems, administering to matters regarding freedom, justice, and security. The eu-LISA Agency started operating in December 2012 and currently manages the operations of the EU information system... READ MORE

Which countries do not need a visa to travel to Europe?

The European continent attracts millions of foreign visitors every year. Currently, there are more than 60 countries that do not need a visa to travel to Europe. However, it is worth clarifying that citizens of these countries are exempt from obtaining a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen Area. I... READ MORE

ETIAS for Europe: What we know so far

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System also known as ETIAS visa for Europe was introduced as a formal proposal in November 2016. The European visa waiver scheme proposal is being developed for the purpose of improving immigration and border control to avoid future health and se... READ MORE

ETIAS Europe Online Visa Application Requirements

The ETIAS visa for Europe is a new program that the European Union have approved and plan to launch in order to improve security at the external entrance borders to the Schengen zone of Europe. The European Commission and European Parliament came to an agreement to introduce the European Trave... READ MORE

Visa for European Travel

At the present moment, for many travelers around the world Europe is one of the easiest places to visit in terms of red tape and travel paper work. There are different categories of visitor to Europe, divided into two lists: the first refers to citizens who are eligible to travel to Europe by req... READ MORE