ETIAS Visa Waiver for France

European visa waiver for France

ETIAS is a visa waiver that citizens of eligible countries will need in order to visit the country from 2021. Applicants will be able to get the ETIAS for France through an online application using a valid passport and email.

France is not just a Schengen member country, but it is a founding member of the European Union. Travel to Europe will become safer and easier with the new Travel Authorization that will be available as of 2021.

France is the most visited country in the world. It had 83 million tourists in 2012. The French nation has also been struck by several terrorist attacks which makes the ETIAS travel Authorization System an essential travel requirement.

France: a key nation in the EU

Unsurprisingly, France is and has been a key player in Europe’s economy, leadership, and the arts. France once controlled more than 8% of the world’s land.

The country has an extensive history. In the 19th century, Napoleon established the First French Empire, and after its fall saw a series of unstable governments followed, several republics were established. After WWI, France gained strength and it was also one of the Allied Powers in WWII. The Fifth Republic was formed in 1958 by Charles de Gaulle and remains to this day.

France has a significant role in the EU and was a founding member of the European Union with now 28 members. The country also signed the first Schengen Agreement in 1985.

Due to its extreme popularity abroad, France is a favourite tourist destination. Unfortunately, it has also been the subject of terrorist attacks and at the center of immigration issues. The France ETIAS has been created in hopes of improving security and spotting suspicious travellers even before they head to the region.

Visiting France

There are hundreds of reasons why you should visit France. You can get away to the charming villages spread over the country. French cuisine does live up to its name, and you’ll be able to taste mouthwatering dishes everywhere. Start your day with a fresh croissant and a coffee.

Paris is a famed city that has been portrayed in films, TV shows, and even books. Paris is described as the most romantic place and the city of lights. There’s much to do and see in the city of love. Beyond the most popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, there’s Montmartre, the Royal Garden, street passages and more. Interestingly, there’s only one Stop sign in the entire city and until 2012 it was actually illegal for women to wear trousers in Paris. Jokes aside, this beautiful city features parks, charming cafés, museums, and historic landmarks.

France isn’t just Paris. The south of the country enjoys great weather and some of the best wineries. Other great cities worth your time are Lion, Nice, and Bordeaux. There are UNESCO World Heritage sites awaiting to be explored. Adventure seekers will find plenty of places to practice skiing, kayaking, hiking, and other sports.

ETIAS Authorization for France

In the year 2021, the Etias visa waiver for France must be obtained online before traveling to the country. If you are considering France as a travel destination you can revise the eligible countries list and learn about the ETIAS requirements.

Travellers should complete the ETIAS travel authorization application online. Once it is approved the authorization is sent to the applicant’s email. Bear in mind that your data will be pre-screened and checked against security databases.

During the the ETIAS for France application, you will be expected to provide your biographical information. The European visa exemption programm carries a fee that you can pay to finalize your application process.

Last, individuals under 18 years of age do not need and ETIAS for France. Minors do however need to have a valid passport.


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