ETIAS Visa Waiver for Luxembourg

Europe Visa Waiver for Luxembourg

Officially called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this small but memorable country is a landlocked nation in western Europe, bordered by some of the principal European players in the European Union such as France, Germany and Belgium. Luxembourg is one of the smallest sovereign European nations and one of the least populated. Despite its size, Luxembourg is a key component in Europe and as such will be implementing the European ETIAS as of 2021 for all eligible travelers wishing to visit the country.

Luxembourg as part of Europe

Luxembourg’s history has seen the region grow from its origins as a small headland owned by Count Siegfried I in 963, through the Roman Empire, to become, in 1354, the Duchy of Luxembourg, the only surviving Duchy in the world to this day. The following centuries saw the land occupied by many of the surrounding empires including the Habsburg Netherlands, France of Louis XIV, Austria of Maria Theresia and Napoleonic France until eventually in 1839 Luxembourg was recognized as a fully independent state.

In more recent history, Luxembourg has played a vital role in the development of today’s Europe and is home to many of the EU’s key institutions. It is a founding member of many international organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations, NATO and the OECD.

Today Luxembourg is home to the seat of the European Court of Justice and is the third of the three official European Union capitals along with Brussels in Belgium and Strasbourg in France.

As an original member of the EU, originally known as the EEC, Luxembourg’s village of Schengen held the signing of the Schengen agreements which introduced the notion of free movement of citizens throughout the Schengen zone.

Due to increasing security and health threats throughout the region, the EU has decided to implement the ETIAS for Luxembourg to help control the influx of visitors to Europe coming through Luxembourg.

Visit Luxembourg

Among the many attractions that this mini-nation offers tourists are the many scenic areas with lakes, forests, castles and hilly landscapes perfect for hiking enthusiasts. The country is also blessed with a mild continental climate and 3 Natural Parks as well as the famous UNESCO heritage site, the City of Luxembourg.

Folk traditions are still thriving throughout Luxembourg, influenced by their Germanic and Belgian neighbors and the cultural activities available are innumerable. The capital city’s Old Town and well-known fortresses, which saw this strategically placed nation through many battles throughout history, are a must-see to get a good understanding of the region’s past.

Luxembourg is a beautiful country to visit for families and outdoor lovers as well as wine fanatics, thanks to the lush countryside that invites tourists of all kinds to explore and try out new sports and activities.

In order to travel to Luxembourg, ETIAS eligible citizens from around the world will be able to obtain their European Visa Waiver for Luxembourg online from 2021.

Europe Visa Waiver for Luxembourg

As a multiple-entry travel permit, the ETIAS will allow travelers to visit Luxemburg as many times as they like throughout the period of validity of their European visa waiver. Travelers will have the ability to stay for short-term periods of 90 consecutive days in total throughout the 3-year visa waiver validity period.

A Luxembourg Visa Waiver will permit tourists and business travelers alike to enter the Schengen zone and travel around any of the European nations included in the Schengen agreement for the duration of their stay without needing to apply for a new visa or visit any embassies.

Travelers in need of the Europe travel authorization for Luxembourg will be required to apply online ETIAS application form platform and have available, at the time, a valid passport, a credit/debit card authorized to make payments online and an active email account.

The ETIAS applicant will need to complete an online form which will take approximately 10 minutes and will be subsequently sent to be digitally screened by the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS). They will have to provide certain personal contact information, passport and travel details and answer some basic security and health questions. When the ETIAS is approved, it will be sent to the applicant’s email address.


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