ETIAS Visa Waiver for Slovenia

EU Travel Authorization for Slovenia

Citizens from outside the EU who aim to visit Slovenia from 2021 will need an ETIAS travel Authorization for Slovenia. The ETIAS refers to the European Travel Information and Authorisation System which will be implemented towards the end of the year 2021

As part of the European Union since May 1st 2004, Slovenia is a Central European country bordered by various other nations as well as the Adriatic Sea. Previously belonging to the now defunct Yugoslavia, the country’s recent history has been one of on-going political change.

Slovenia also became part of NATO in the same year and in 2007, became one of the first former-Communist countries to be part of the Eurozone. In 2010 Slovenia joined the OECD, an international financial association which saw an increased involvement in the economic activities for Slovenia within Europe.

Slovenia’s path to Europe

The current region known as Slovenia has passed through many empires and through the hands of different states including the Roman and Byzantine empires, the Habsburg Monarchy, the Republic of Venice, Napoleonic and Austro-Hungarian rule. By the end of the First World War, the Slovenes declared their right to self-government which resulted in the joint establishment of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs, later merging with the Kingdom of Serbia to create the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, which would be renamed a decade later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Despite turmoil in the region throughout the Second World War, Yugoslavia reemerged post-war as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Finally becoming an independent nation as it is known today, the country of Slovenia was established in 1991.

Since then, Slovenia has developed in many ways and as a current member of the EU, will continue to grow and adapt to new policies and programs that are implemented in Europe such as the Europe Travel Visa for Slovenia for all ETIAS-eligible nationalities who wish to visit the country from 2021.

Slovenia: Emerging Tourist Destination

This Adriatic gem is full of natural beauty that attracts tourists from all over. Mainly visited by fellow Europeans at the moment, as news spreads of Slovenia’s luscious landscapes and unspoilt splendor, it will come as no surprise that people from all over will be applying for a Slovenia ETIAS in the near future.

A leader in sustainable tourism, Slovenia has been proclaimed the first ‘green country’ in the world by the Dutch organization: Green Destinations. The country offers medieval cities, caves and fortresses, captivating castles, pristine lakes, snow-capped mountains and emerald gorges among other incredible places to visit.

In addition to the amazing sights to see, Slovenia also offers a plethora of astonishing architecture, outdoor activities, traditional culture and a gastronomic adventure like no other. Additionally, wine-lovers won’t be disappointed by what Slovenia has to offer to accompany their typical cuisine.

Europe Visa Waiver Program for Slovenia

In order to visit Slovenia, it will be a travel requirement from 2021 to apply online for a Visa Waiver in the form of ETIAS before entering the country.

The online ETIAS application will only take approximately 10 minutes to complete with a quick turnaround and high approval rate for most travelers.

ETIAS is being implemented to improve security and safety for travelers and citizens of the EU alike. The aim is to minimize any negative effects to the European Community such as terrorism or health threats due to uncontrolled immigration and travel.

Citizens of eligible countries will be able to complete a European Visa Waiver for Slovenia application online in a matter of minutes to register their details, answer the required questions and pay the ETIAS fee before being granted access to Slovenia and thus the rest of the Schengen zone.


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