ETIAS Visa Waiver for Finland

Europe Travel Authorization System for Finland

Finland, a Scandinavian jewel, is the northern link between Russia, Norway, Sweden and different bodies of water. The total population of Finland only reached 5.5 million people in 2017 and as the most prosperous region, the southern area of the country is home to the majority of those people.

Officially speaking both Finnish and Swedish despite the large differences between the two languages, due to the colonization of numerous areas of Finland by Sweden during the reign of the Swedish Empire. The nation now known as Finland, gaining independence from Russia after a civil war and becoming a presidential republic in 1919, has been witness to a multitude of varying civilizations as far back as 9000 BCE. Although there is evidence that proves that humans inhabited the region approximately 120,000-130,000 years ago.

Largely a nation of agriculture, Finland was forced into the industrial era post-WW2 when war reparations needed to be paid to Russia and international trade began to grow.

Finland in the EU

Finland is a member of both the EU and Schengen area as well as the Eurozone, meaning it uses the European-wide currency for financial transactions and trade: the Euro.

An economic recession in Finland in the early 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a major ally in trade, led to its alliance to the EU in 1995. Finnish ministers have held the Presidency of the Council of the EU in two previous terms since the beginning of their involvement and are set to chair again in 2019.

In addition to participating in various areas of the EU including the European Council, European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee and the European Committee of the Regions, Finland, as one of the current 28 member states must abide by all laws and regulations as established by the EU. This includes the new European travel visa waiver scheme ETIAS: the European Travel Information and Authorisation System.

The ETIAS visa waiver for Finland will be introduced by the end of 2022 and will oblige citizens of ETIAS eligible nations to apply for a travel authorization to travel to and around Finland and the EU.

Tourist Information about Finland

Finland is famous for being one of the best places on Earth to see the Aurora Borealis. Winter is the best time to go. The colder months and shorter periods of light allow for a spectacular viewing of this illuminating natural phenomenon.

But the Northern Lights are far from the only reason to travel to finland. With beautiful scenery including emerald forests covering 75% of the country and being known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, it’s no wonder Finland is a paradise for ecotourists too. The abundance of natural wildlife is easily enough of a reason alone to explore Finland.

Similarly to Sweden and other northern territories, the ever-popular midnight sun phenomenon is one of the country’s biggest attractions throughout the summer months.

Before being able to discover what other hidden gems this foreign and mysterious land offers, visitors will have to get a Europe travel visa waiver for Finland through the ETIAS program.

Get a Finland ETIAS Travel Authorization

Applying for a European visa waiver for Finland will be a quick and easy process for all eligible travelers. The visa waiver for Europe will allow tourists to travel to and around the Schengen zone for a total of 3 years without having to apply for other visas, or until their corresponding passport expires. The number of trips allowed is unlimited.

The Finland ETIAS application process will consist of an online form that visitors will need to complete with their personal and travel details such as name, date of birth and passport number. The ETIAS application form will also require travelers to answer some basic security questions regarding personal immigration and health history.

After completing the online form and paying the corresponding fee, the application will be screened through the ETIAS system and an answer will be sent to the email address supplied by the applicant.

The application process will normally take around 10 minutes to complete and shortly after, in most cases, the person wishing to travel will receive the approved Finland visa waiver in order to be able to travel to Europe.


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