EU Countries Back ETIAS Visa Waiver Program

In a significant step forward, EU countries voted on June 9, 2017 to adopt a proposed new security screening program called the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) during a meeting of the E.U. Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg. ETIAS is an electronic visa waiv... READ MORE

ETIAS Visa for Europe: How will it be structured?

The ETIAS visa waiver for Europe aims to heighten security measures in Europe improving border control and managing migration by creating the ETIAS travel authorization system which will collect and review information on travelers to Europe. The ETIAS visa waiver will be a requirement for... READ MORE

ETIAS Europe: the EU’s version of the US ESTA

When the U.S. ESTA came into practice, there were complaints from EU members about the new travel authorization scheme which would affect many Europeans who frequently travel to the US. With the ETIAS travel authorization for Europe coming into play in 2021, many of these European Parli... READ MORE

Benefits of the ETIAS Travel Authorization System

Europe is poised to join the many other regions of the world where electronic visa systems are already in place. The European Commission has proposed the implementation of an electronic visa system called the European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS. There is already a signif... READ MORE