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Use of this Web site is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

By using, accessing, or browsing this site you agree to be subject to the terms and conditions that our outlined in this document that is collectively referred to as “our terms.” You also agree to abide by all laws and regulations. The principal applicant who in the process of completing their own Etias enrollment form will be referred to as “the applicant.” The terms “we,” “our,” and “us,” refer to applicant as an entire entity.

Personal Details

The following information is compulsory and is registered as personal information in this website’s secure database:

Please note that any data that is registered on etiasvisa.com won’t be exposed or shared with third parties, except: when the customer’s agreement can be obtained; when necessary for the maintenance or management of the system or of application; when requested by law enforcement; or when notified as a form where personal information cannot be identified.

  • name
  • place and date of birth
  • passport information, including passport number and expiration date
  • date of issuance
  • type of supporting document
  • mailing address and email address
  • phone number
  • connection log and information about IP connection
  • cookies
  • payment records

No information that is registered on etiasvisa.com will not be shared or exposed with third parties, except for the following reasons: when necessary for system maintenance or management; upon request by law enforcement; when notified as a form where personal information cannot be identified.

Denying or Cancelling of Online ETIAS Application

If the applicant commits any of the acts described below, etiasvisa.com reserves the right to disregard the client’s registration and/or delete their application and personal information:

  • omitting information required during the application process
  • willingly provide false information
  • be considered unsuitable to complete the application by not meeting the eligibility requirements
  • ignore, omit, or change registration procedures

If any of these acts are committed by an applicant, and if the applicant has already received an approval, this website reserves the right to cancel and delete the applicant’s information.

Website Use

Using etiasvisa.com is strictly limited to personal use. Its users are also agree to not reuse, copy, change, or download any part of this website for commercial use. Etiasvisa.com has offices both in the Europe and the United States and is a privately-owned company. Note that this company is not affiliated with the government of the United States.

Service Contents

The contents on this website are determined only by etiasvisa.com. Users of this website agree to the conditions that are listed here. The methods that relate to the supply conditions of this website are defined only by application and can neither be amended or modified or canceled at any time.

Exemption from Responsibility

Etiasvisa.comn is only applicable to ETIAS by processing the client’s information. The ultimate decision lies with the U.S. government and application cannot be held responsible for the ETIAS result. Etiasvisa.com will not be held responsible for ETIAS that are granted when the client provides false information.

Temporary Suspension of Service

Etiasvisa.com reserves the right to suspend it service temporarily and provide advance notice to its clients in any of the following situations: when service must be suspended because of changes to the system management, technical difficulties, updates, or other reasons; when services cannot be maintained because of war, riots, labor disputes, or other public disturbances; when systems have to undergo urgent or standard maintenance; when services cannot be guaranteed because of an unexpected fire or failure in electricity; or when services cannot be continued due to a natural disaster, such as a flood, tidal wave, earthquake, etc.

Both the user and this website agree that application will not be held responsible for any damage that may result as a suspension of service, which could happen for any of the above-listed reasons.


The users of this website are prohibited from the doing any of the following: commit criminal acts; copy, publish, or share offenses against the public morality; engage in any activities that can somehow cause a disadvantage for a third party; make insulting comments to this website, third parties, or other members; participate in any activities that violate this website’s copyright or intellectual property rights (this applies to all web users); spread or use harmful computer programs: or commit any other illegal acts.

If a website member causes harm to a third party while using these services, they will be the only ones held responsible and will thus be required to pay for all costs that stem from the issue. Etiasvisa.com will not be held responsible for damages that are caused by members who use this site’s services.

If a user violates these Terms and Conditions, etiasvisa.com reserves the right to continue with legal proceedings.

Miscellaneous Information

By accessing this site, you agree to be bound to obey the restrictions and regulations set by etiasvisa.com. This company reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions as set out herein and can also change any website content. All users who agree to make the most of our services that we offer are obligated to check for changes when it comes to these Terms and Conditions or content in general.


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