ETIAS for Tongan Nationals

Europe Visa Waiver Requirements from Tonga

Tongan citizens are still able to enter Europe visa-free until the end of 2022 thanks to the visa waiver agreements between Tonga and the EU. During this year, it will suffice to present their valid Tongan passport at the border upon arrival to Europe.

Do Tongans need an ETIAS for every European country they visit?

Whether a Tongan national needs an ETIAS to travel to Europe will depend on the country or countries they wish to visit. Tongans traveling to Schengen member nations will need an ETIAS from late 2022 onwards.

Tongans can enter all 26 Schengen nations in Europe with a single ETIAS registration:

  • EU Schengen
  • Non-EU Schengen States
  • Non-Schengen EU States
ETIAS Required

Non-EU Member States:

Micro-States de facto part of Schengen Area:

  • Monaco
  • San Marino
  • Vatican City
ETIAS Non-Required

Non-Schengen EU States

  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus

Nevertheless, all visa-exempt nationals —including Tonganswill need to apply for an ETIAS travel authorization for Europe from late 2022 onwards. This visa waiver document will be mandatory, presented alongside a valid passport from an eligible country —such as Tonga— in order to gain entry into the Schengen territory.

The European Travel Information and Authorization System is being implemented by European Union authorities in order to scan the data of visa-exempt travelers from over 60 ETIAS-eligible countries prior to their departure. This is how the ETIAS intends to further fight terrorism and continue improving security within the Schengen Area.

As part of the common EU intelligence initiative, the ETIAS will cross-check applicants’ data against multiple security databases, including SIS, VIS, EURODAC, Interpol, and Europol.

Citizens from Tonga who are not considered a threat to the European Union will be granted the travel authorization automatically.

Designated Frontex agents or local European authorities will manually revise the data of travelers considered to pose a risk for the wellbeing of the European Union and its residents.

The ETIAS aims to keep individuals with ties to terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking and serious crime outside of the Schengen borders.

ETIAS Online Application for Tongan Passport Holders

Tongans will be able to complete a simple online application to request an ETIAS travel authorization from Tonga.

The entire process to obtain an ETIAS happens online and, therefore, does not require the Tongan national to visit an embassy or consulate.

Filling out the ETIAS application form should not take more than 10 minutes since the information required is simple and easy to obtain.

Parents and legal guardians can apply for an ETIAS on behalf of minor children traveling from Tonga to Europe.

All applicants will have to make an electronic payment of their ETIAS fee regardless of their age. This can be done with a credit or debit card once the applicant has filled out their personal, contact, passport and travel information.

Tongan nationals are required to fill out the ETIAS application with the following data:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Passport number
  • Issue date and country of passport
  • Passport expiry date
  • Intended date of entry into the Schengen Area
  • Schengen member state of arrival
  • A valid email address they have access to
  • A mobile phone number

Next, applicants from Tonga will be asked to provide some security and health information, including visits to high-risk countries and criminal records. Tongan applicants need to answer all the ETIAS questions honestly.

Having a criminal record when applying for ETIAS does nos necessarily mean the citizen will not be able to obtain an ETIAS. European authorities will assess the risk that the Tongan citizen poses on the security and wellbeing of the EU and its residents, and if no risk is found, the ETIAS may still be approved.

Once the ETIAS application is processed, Tongan travelers will be notified at the email address they provided in their request. The email message will also contain a digital copy of their approved ETIAS authorization for their records.

Traveling from Tonga to Europe

Upon arrival in Europe, Tongan travelers will be asked to present their machine-readable passport at the border. The Schengen border guard will electronically read their passport data, which will trigger a query to multiple international security databases.

The system will then inform the border guard whether the Tongan citizen has an approved ETIAS travel authorization.

Tongan visitors with a valid ETIAS who fulfill all Schengen entry conditions will be granted access as provided by the Schengen Border Code.

Tongan travelers without the obligatory ETIAS will be refused entry and their entry denial will be recorded by border guards in the Entry Exit System.

Tourists from Tonga found overstaying in Europe (see info on ETIAS validity and stay below) will have their overstay recorded in the Entry Exit System and may face serious consequences. Exceeding the allotted time in Europe may result in the revocation of the ETIAS, fines, and even deportation.

Requirements to Obtain an ETIAS from Tonga

The ETIAS requirements for Tongans are much simpler than those for a European visa. Citizens who have the following on hand are ready to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver for Europe:

  • A current, machine-readable Tongan passport with at least 6 months’ validity beyond the intended stay in Europe
  • A valid email address the applicant has access to
  • A credit or debit card

The email address is necessary for applicants to receive notifications regarding their ETIAS application from Tonga. Once it is approved, Tongan citizens will also receive a digital copy of the visa waiver at the email address provided in the form. Please double check that the email address provided in the ETIAS application has no typing errors.

It is very important to carefully revise all the data entered in the ETIAS application for Tongans prior to submitting it. All personal and passport information must coincide exactly with the data printed on the citizen’s passport. Any discrepancies in the information may delay the ETIAS processing, or result in the refusal of the visa waiver.

ETIAS from Tonga Processing Time, Validity, and Stay

A great majority of ETIAS requests will be automatically approved within the first 24 hours of completing the payment of the processing fees. Should the Tongan citizen’s data produce a hit during the screening process against international security databases, manual processing may be required.

In this instance, the applicant’s information will be manually revised by designated European agents in order to determine whether they pose a risk to the EU. Manual processing of Tongan ETIAS applications may take about 3 business days.

Therefore, it is best practice to apply for an ETIAS from Tonga at least 3 days prior to your estimated travel dates.

Once it is approved, the ETIAS for Tongans will grant holders multiple entries in the Schengen Area throughout its 3-year validity. The ETIAS will remain valid as long as the Tongan passport used to apply for the travel document remains current.

Should the passport expire before the ETIAS’ 3 years run out, the Tongan citizen will have to apply for a new ETIAS using the data of their new passport. Fortunately this is a quick and easy process that can be completed in under 10 minutes.

The ETIAS grants Tongan holders a total stay of 90 days per 180-day period. The 90 days spent in the Schengen Area may be consecutive, or not, depending on the traveler’s needs.

Once the 90 days in the Schengen Area run out, Tongan travelers will have to spend the next 90 days outside the Schengen Area before being granted another 90-day stay.

ETIAS from Tonga Processing Time, Validity, and Stay

ETIAS for Tongan Citizens - FAQ

  • Do Tongan minors need an ETIAS to travel to Europe?

    The ETIAS is a mandatory requirement for Tongan travelers of all ages visiting Europe. This includes minors as well. Tongan parents or guardians may apply for an ETIAS on behalf of their children by filling out the form with the child’s personal and passport data:

    • Full name
    • Nationality
    • Date of birth
    • Country of birth
    • Passport number
    • Issue date and country of passport
    • Passport expiry date
    • Intended date of entry into the Schengen Area
    • Schengen member state of arrival

    Please note that the parent or legal guardian applying for an ETIAS on behalf of a Tongan minor may use the adult’s email address and mobile phone number in the contact section.

  • How can ETIAS holders from Tonga spend more than 90 days in Europe?

    The ETIAS grants Tongan holders a maximum of 90 days they may spend the European Schengen nations. Nevertheless, there are legal ways to spend more than 90 days in Europe with an ETIAS travel authorization and a Tongan passport.

    Not all European countries are part of the Schengen Area. Therefore, Tongan travelers may spend the first 90 days in the Schengen nations, then, the following 90 days in a European non-Schengen nation. After that second 90-day period (outside Schengen) runs out, the Tongan ETIAS holder will be granted another 90 days that they may spend in Schengen.

    Travelers from Tonga that wish to spend more than 90 days per 180-day period specifically in the Schengen Area should visit the embassy or consulate for the country they wish to stay in. Diplomatic personnel will be able to assess them on the appropriate European long-term visa that suits their travel purpose and desired length of stay.

  • Do Tongans need an ETIAS to transit through Europe?

    The European Union is holding transport carriers responsible for verifying that all passengers —including Tongan nationals— carry the necessary travel permits to land in Europe.

    Passport holders from Tonga who are traveling to a non-Schengen destination with connecting flights that land in a Schengen country will need to carry a valid ETIAS. Airport personnel will ask the Tongan citizen to produce their passport in order to verify whether the traveler has an approved ETIAS travel authorization.

    Even through the Tongan citizen’s final destination is not a Schengen country in Europe, if their flight has a stopover in a Schengen member nation, they will need an ETIAS visa waiver for transit purposes.

    For example, a Tongan national traveling to Andorra (which is not a Schengen member nation) will have to land in France or Spain (both Schengen members) in order to arrive to their final destination.

    Since Andorra does not have an international airport, travelers visiting the microstate have to land in the nearest airports (in either Spain or France) with a valid ETIAS and then continue their journey by land to Andorra.


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