ETIAS for Macanese Citizens

Europe Visa Waiver for ETIAS for Macanese Citizens

Citizens of the Macau Special Administrative Region can travel to Europe for short trips without having to obtain a visa until the end of 2022. Macanese nationals enjoy visa-free travel to the Schengen Area for business, leisure, tourism, health and transit purposes.

Nevertheless, when the ETIAS launches in late 2022, citizens of Macau will be required to carry an additional mandatory entry requirement known as the ETIAS visa waiver.

The ETIAS travel authorization will be obligatory for Macanese travelers of all ages, including minors.

  • EU Schengen
  • Non-EU Schengen States
  • Non-Schengen EU States
ETIAS Required

Non-EU Member States:

Micro-States de facto part of Schengen Area:

  • Monaco
  • San Marino
  • Vatican City
ETIAS Non-Required

Non-Schengen EU States

  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus

Traveling From Macau to Europe with an ETIAS

ETIAS is the European Travel Information and Authorization System. It aims to improve security within the Schengen Area for its residents and visitors alike. Another of the driving forces behind ETIAS is the fight against terrorism in Europe. This will be achieved, in part, by screening visa-exempt travelers from over 60 countries, including Macanese visitors, before they board a ship or aircraft heading to Europe.

Passenger information from all ETIAS applications will be cross-checked against multiple security databases including Europol and Interpol. Both ETIAS and the security databases consulted during its screening process are managed by the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (eu-LISA).

This is done in order to identify any risks third-country travelers may pose to the security and wellbeing of the Schengen nations before the travel authorization can be granted to the Macanese applicant.

ETIAS is not a visa, it is a travel authorization for Europe that can be easily obtained from Macau online. The ETIAS can be requested from the applicant’s cell phone, tablet or personal computer by visiting a simple ETIAS application form.

Obtaining the mandatory ETIAS from Macao entails less hassle than a traditional consular visa. The application form takes no more than 10 minutes to complete as long as the Macanese citizen has the basic requirements necessary for the ETIAS at hand.

ETIAS from Macau Validity

The ETIAS for Macanese citizens will remain valid for 3 years from the approval date and allow multiple entries during that time.

Once it is approved, the ETIAS travel authorization will be electronically linked to the exact passport used in the application process. Should the Macanese passport expire prior to the ETIAS expiration date, the travel authorization would lose its validity.

In this case, the Macanese citizen will have to apply for another ETIAS visa waiver by submitting the details of their new passport, including:

  • Passport number
  • Passport issuance date
  • Passport country
  • Passport expiration date

ETIAS for Macanese Citizens Entries and Stay in Europe

The ETIAS grants Macanese holders unlimited entries into the Schengen Area during its 3-year validity for tourism, business, medical reasons, or transit.

Macanese citizens with an approved ETIAS may transit through, travel to, and stay in the Schengen member nations for a total of 90 days for every 180-day period.

The 90-day stay granted to Macanese nationals with an ETIAS does not have to be consecutive. It is the sum total of the number of days a traveler from Macau stays in any and all Schengen nations in any 180-day period.

After the 90-day stay expires, Macanese travelers will have to spend the next 90 days outside the Schengen borders. Once the ETIAS holder has spent the rest of the 180 days outside the Schengen Area, they will be granted another 90-day stay that they may enjoy within any member nation.

Overstaying an ETIAS can have serious consequences for a traveler, including the revocation of their travel authorization, fines, or even deportation.

Additionally, a Macanese citizen who overstays their ETIAS, or who is denied entry into the Schengen Area will have those refusals registered in the Entry Exit System (EES). These registrations can be consulted by Schengen authorities when the Macanese traveler attempts to cross the border or obtain another travel authorization in the future.

ETIAS for Europe Required Documents for Citizens of Macau

Passport holders from Macau Special Administrative Region can complete the ETIAS travel authorization before heading to Europe in late 2022. In order to do so, they will be required to have the following ETIAS requirements at hand:

  • A valid passport that remains valid for at least 3 months beyond the intended travel dates to the Schengen Area
  • A credit or debit card in order to cover the ETIAS travel authorization issuance fees
  • An email address at which the Macanese citizen can receive updates on their ETIAS request status as well as a digital copy of their visa waiver, once it has been approved

ETIAS European Visa Waiver Request from Macau

Once the Macanese citizen has completed their ETIAS application and their payment has been processed, the system will begin the automatic screening of their passenger profile.

Most applications for an ETIAS travel authorization from Macau should be approved within the first 24 hours. Nevertheless, a small number of visa waiver requests for Europe may take up to 2-3 business days.

After processing, the Macanese applicant will be sent an email containing an electronic copy of their approved ETIAS visa waiver if they are not considered a threat to the European Union.

However, a low percentage of ETIAS applications may raise a red flag during the screening process and require manual revision. Should this be the case, a member of Frontex, or a representative of the member nation revising the application will carefully revise the information entered in the ETIAS form.

Should an ETIAS from Macau be refused, the citizen would receive an email containing the grounds for denial as well as instructions on how they may appeal the decision, should they wish to do so.

It is best practice to apply for an ETIAS travel authorization for Europe at least 2-3 business days prior to the intended departure from Macau. This would allow sufficient time for processing and receiving any necessary updates via email.

ETIAS from Macau

ETIAS for Macanese Citizens - FAQ

  • Do Macanese nationals with dual citizenship need an ETIAS?

    Macanese ETIAS applicants can only submit one passport number per citizen in their application form. Travelers from Macau with more than one valid passport due to dual citizenship must choose one of their passports on which to travel and request the ETIAS.

    The ETIAS travel authorization is electronically linked to a single passport and cannot be transferred to a second passport owned by the same citizen. Macanese nationals with more than one nationality must request an ETIAS if their second passport is not from one of the following nations.

    Macanese travelers with dual citizenship from a non-Schengen country will have to apply for an ETIAS travel authorization in order to be granted entry into the Schengen Area.

  • Do Macanese citizens need an ETIAS to attend a conference in Europe?

    Both students and professionals from the Macau Special Administrative Region who want to further their careers in Europe can do so by attending seminars, conferences or workshops.

    The ETIAS travel authorization allows Macanese passport holders up to 90 days in any and all of the Schengen Area member nations. Macanese nationals who wish to attend a conference or short course in a Schengen country will have to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver from late 2022 onwards.

    The ETIAS travel authorization is ideal for educational events under 90-days’ duration. It is not meant, however, to replace student visas and does not allow Macanese holders to take part in long-term academic activities such as obtaining a degree.

  • Can Macanese citizens with a criminal record get an ETIAS for Europe?

    When completing the ETIAS travel authorization application form from Macau, citizens will be asked a series of security questions.

    All questions must be answered honestly and all the data provided by Macanese applicants will be screened against multiple databases. Discrepancies and dishonest answers in the ETIAS application form for Macau may raise red flags and therefore hinder the citizen’s chances of being granted an approved ETIAS.

    Whether a Macanese citizen is granted an ETIAS or not when they have a criminal record will depend on several facts. For example, Macanese passport holders who have committed minor offences may not be automatically denied entry into the Schengen Area.

    Additionally, Macanese nationals who have a serious criminal record that are requesting an ETIAS are likely to be considered a threat to the security and wellbeing of Schengen residents and citizens.


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