What does the future hold for British tourists visiting Europe?

As Europe and Britain sit down to discuss the many new policies that will need to be put into practice post-Brexit, one of the proposals causing a great stir is the ETIAS travel authorization - the “travel tax” as it has come to be known - that will be implemented in the year 2021.ETIAS, the... READ MORE

ETIAS as part of a common EU Intelligence Agency

ETIAS, the Electronic Travel Information and Authorisation System, has been proposed, and is being developed by the EU, as a form of travel authorisation for citizens wishing to visit the European Schengen Zone from those countries who currently travel to this area visa-free. The intention, as... READ MORE

Do I need ETIAS to visit Ireland?

ETIAS, the European Travel and Information Authorization System, will be implemented in 2021. Citizens of over 60 countries will need ETIAS to enter the Schengen Zone. Several people who wish to travel to Ireland in the future have several questions in regards to the need for an ETIAS to visi... READ MORE

ETIAS is a Visa Waiver Program not a Traditional Visa

From 2021, US citizens and many other nationalities will need to apply for an ETIAS Visa Waiver before traveling to Europe. Since the European Union made the announcement, there has been some confusion about exactly what ETIAS is.ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization Sy... READ MORE