What is the Difference Between ETIAS and a Schengen Visa?

The European continent is the biggest tourist destination in the world. When traveling to Europe, non-EU citizens have to apply for either the ETIAS EU visa waiver or the Schengen visa.Those eligible for the ETIAS EU visa waiver are not required to apply for the Schengen visa. However, th... READ MORE

What is the ETIAS Watchlist for Europe?

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System also known as ETIAS, proposed in 2016 by the European Parliament and European Council, once it is implemented, will require applicants to obtain an online visa waiver before traveling to Europe. Travelers will have to complete an ETIAS... READ MORE

How ETIAS will help in the fight against terrorism in Europe

In the EU’s Special Committee on Terrorism in January of this year, Commissioner Avramopoulos spoke to those attending about the benefits that ETIAS will offer to counteracting terrorism in Europe. Various initiatives were proposed in 2016 following a string of attacks on European soil which h... READ MORE

Benefits of the ETIAS Travel Authorization System

Europe is poised to join the many other regions of the world where electronic visa systems are already in place. The European Commission has proposed the implementation of an electronic visa system called the European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS. There is already a signif... READ MORE