The difference between the EU and the Schengen Area

ETIAS (The European Travel Information and Authorization) will require visitors to the Schengen Area to obtain an ETIAS visa before they can enter. ETIAS for Europe will come into force in 2021. It was designed by the European Union (EU) to strengthen border control and security around the Sc... READ MORE

European Parliament approves ETIAS proposal

The European Parliament has approved the final agreement to implement ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System). It is estimated that the new scheme will become operational in 2021.Of the 609 who voted, 494 voted in favour of approving ETIAS. The aim of ETIAS is to stre... READ MORE

ETIAS for Europe and its impact on human rights

A study has been carried out by the European Parliament’s Policy Department to deduce whether ETIAS, the newly proposed European Travel Information and Authorisation System infringes in any way human rights, basic fundamental rights or data protection laws. The ETIAS proposal, set forth... READ MORE

How ETIAS will help in the fight against terrorism in Europe

In the EU’s Special Committee on Terrorism in January of this year, Commissioner Avramopoulos spoke to those attending about the benefits that ETIAS will offer to counteracting terrorism in Europe. Various initiatives were proposed in 2016 following a string of attacks on European soil which h... READ MORE